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Support Zone Takeover

November 01, 2020 University of Surrey Students' Union
Surrey SabbCast
Support Zone Takeover
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This week, VP Support, Aaron leads the podcast to introduce the Support Zone.
It's wellbeing week, and the zone update on everything they are up to.

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News from the University of Surrey. Students union all about your student life and what your elected officers have been doing for you this week, representing you across the University of Surrey. 

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Find out more at or find us on Instagram and Facebook at saw reunion. 

00:00:36 Speaker 2 

Hello and welcome back to another set of cost. Today is the start of the takeovers again from your zones and we've got the support zone here which is why I'm here Aaron your VP support, so let's start off with introducing the same numbers here actually. 


I I'm actually. 

00:00:52 Speaker 2 

I'm a third year events management student. 

00:00:55 Speaker 3 

She said hi, I'm Hussein. I study International 13 tourism management I'm a final year as well. 

00:01:02 Speaker 4 

Amazing hi I'm Izzy. I'm a final year chemistry student and this is my second year on support zone as I enjoyed it last year so run again and sorry decides to continue to. 

00:01:13 Speaker 4 

Help support students, sorry. 

00:01:15 Speaker 2 

Amazing stuff, so unfortunately two of our support zone knees can't make it today, and they're Gabby and Lucy. So let's start off today with what's everyones plans the years and how you find the year going so far. 

00:01:28 Speaker 5 

So that stressful with kovid and everything, and I feel like a lot of people are feeling that 'cause I do get quite a lot of messages saying. 

00:01:36 Speaker 5 

How is the union combatting like with you know, stress with kovid because it's very new to us. 

00:01:43 Speaker 5 

Um, I'm currently working with the IT department in the head of Center. Well being to make her mood tracker feature for the My Story app, which hopefully should come out soon. But you know with technical difficulties that might be longer. And yeah, that's what I've been working on with. 

00:02:04 Speaker 5 

The Race Equality Charter as well for the University, and that's pretty much. It's quite a lot of meetings, meetings after meetings, but that's pretty much what I've been doing. 

00:02:14 Speaker 2 

Amazing stuff, I love the new tracker ideas. Such a genuine, lightweight sticky. 

00:02:18 Speaker 5 

Project I wanted to watch people. 

00:02:21 Speaker 5 

Be like Oh my God, you're happy now. 

00:02:24 Speaker 4 

No. What I liked about it is the fact that you can put what activity you're doing and who you're whippers world sort of see if that's if it was affecting your mood. 

00:02:32 Speaker 5 

Well, I agree with that as well, because when you feel like really good like a 10 for example, you can see like OK, I feel like a one. I feel really bad. Like you know you could be like OK when I was at 10. 

00:02:45 Speaker 5 

I was with this person. I was doing this so maybe I should do it again. So then it kind of like validates your feelings and at the same point it's like preventative as well. If you feel like really really bad about stuff. So yeah, I'm happy. It's become an initiative model. 

00:03:02 Speaker 2 

Yeah, it's a great idea 'cause I think one of the things that often people. 

00:03:05 Speaker 2 

Fail to realize in terms of themselves they when they're around someone who, for lack of a better word, may be seen as toxic to them and the friendship is toxic son, like they're unable to like they want to be there, but they're unable to escape. And then are they able to realize that actually damage themselves? If you're saying to like literally see like the. 

00:03:24 Speaker 2 

The communication between the two? Yeah, that that's a really good feature. So as well this week at time when we're recording this, it's well being weak and it's been very much led by is it? Would you like to say how this week's going off? 

00:03:38 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I think it's going really well, so this was one of my manifesto points. I just wanted to do a week so that the beginning of the year, but also. 

00:03:46 Speaker 4 

Pop out sort of point where the days start getting darker. Deadlines start building up just so everyone knows what different support is available and also we've done lots of different activities as well to help people think about their well being an fun time to relax. So I think it's going really well. So we did two Towson talking the Hive Tuesday morning, which was really popular and. 

00:04:07 Speaker 4 

It was nice while she gets engaged with students who aren't always sort of following the Union on social media. And, you know, look at emails at the lecture on Wednesday we had mental health awareness training and which other students could attend, and so that was led by Zoe who's put some manager and it worked on Talia. 

00:04:28 Speaker 4 

And that was just a really good event. So some of us went to wear and some night liners. And people like that. 

00:04:33 Speaker 4 

Which was really good. 

00:04:35 Speaker 4 

And so today we had smartens Nightline in the Hive during free cake and coffee and just sort of, you know, checking in on peoples when they came up. Just sort of asking you know how is your day going? And I've got some others or well being activities. So I'm doing an art session today with Artsakh and. 

00:04:55 Speaker 4 

Zen Soccer doing a session tomorrow and while we're doing, we're doing a walk on Saturday with Garden Soccer and Guilford because it's really important right now to try and get a fresh air and sunlight, especially with the days getting shorter. But now I think we've had quite a lot of good engagement with it, so I'm happy. 

00:05:12 Speaker 2 

Yeah, your well being and resilience. 

00:05:14 Speaker 2 

Training that was organized with. 

00:05:15 Speaker 2 

In the sense of well being was amazing as well. 

00:05:17 Speaker 4 

I click forgot one, yeah? 

00:05:21 Speaker 4 

Busy week no. Yeah, 'cause I think. 

00:05:24 Speaker 4 

This whole resilience and know in sort of ways to look after yourself is so important and I think the people who did comes with engaged really well. So I was happy with that, yeah? 

00:05:36 Speaker 2 

One of the things is the support, so we've been doing is trying to go round and do like pop ups and say hello everyone. So earlier today we were at Manor Park and at. 

00:05:44 Speaker 2 

Tomorrow being Friday, we're being at the hive, so if you don't get the chance to see us or didn't see us by the time this recording came out at, don't ever be afraid to stop in about any of us. If you recognize any of us from around or one of us a message via like teams were always there to take on any support questions that you have. 

00:06:05 Speaker 2 

And obviously mentioning how it was really nice to see people can't go without avoiding. How is everyone thinking of Kovid and their well being here? How is it affecting everyone? 

00:06:16 Speaker 5 

So obviously with it being a very new thing, right, none of us have gone through a pandemic. So like during the seven, or was it 6 month lockdown before coming to Uni? I felt quite good about it in a sense of that you're just in your little bubble. You get quite a lot of stuff done and stuff like that. You just think about. 

00:06:37 Speaker 5 

Like yourself and you sent to yourself, and I do realize I do appreciate Carlo. People have not felt that because it is a very tough time to be in, but coming back to Uni has. I was very hesitant about coming back because. 

00:06:53 Speaker 5 

You know it's just covert, but. 

00:06:57 Speaker 5 

Ever since I've been back is actually quite alright. I think the only problem is when. 

00:07:02 Speaker 5 

'cause when you're in the bus and there's quite a lot of people. But and I have quite a lot of apprehension with that, but anything else is actually quite good. It's it's fine being back when people actually adhere to the law. 

00:07:15 Speaker 5 

Because at the end of the day, we're all in this together. We need to protect each other to protect ourselves as well. So yeah, that's my view or not. 

00:07:23 Speaker 2 

Yeah, 100%, and obviously that that as you highlight it is when people are abiding by the guidelines and laws. That's when it's fine that one then kind of comfortable to be around, but obviously there's been loads of issues around campus for people aren't. 

00:07:36 Speaker 2 

Like following those guidelines you have, you guys will be fine and that we will live on campus and. 

00:07:41 Speaker 4 

Yeah, we all do. Don't wait, I know sometimes it's hard because you do see people. 

00:07:46 Speaker 4 

All together and you you know they're not in a group of six. An yeah an I don't know I think what I've been trying to do just sort of avoid those sort of people and just continued like you know just do my own stuff like get my lectures done. Do things for support zone and just stay away from people that don't care about the rules. 

00:08:07 Speaker 4 

At the end of the day. 

00:08:09 Speaker 4 

Um, yeah, no. I've enjoyed being back on campus. Works really nicely. My friends again as well. 'cause I was on placement last year so it's been a long time since I've seen some of them. But I think the University and Union has done a good job of providing different events to make sure that you feel safe whilst on campus. 

00:08:26 Speaker 5 

I'm actually curious, coming back from placement. 

00:08:29 Speaker 5 

To back to University, mid Pandemic was the change. 

00:08:34 Speaker 5 

Like no different like did you feel like those quite fast change between it? 

00:08:39 Speaker 4 

I mean, obviously there has been a change, but I don't know 'cause I had to. I went to Wesley for my placement so I actually had to come. 

00:08:46 Speaker 4 

Back I was looking jealous. 

00:08:49 Speaker 5 

Like pizza and I was like. 

00:08:51 Speaker 5 


00:08:53 Speaker 4 

But now, yes, I'll come back in March and never went back until about July. It's gone. My stuff 'cause that was still out there. So it has been a very different experience that. 

00:09:04 Speaker 4 

I know 'cause I'm. 

00:09:06 Speaker 4 

I think it would have been different coming back and going back to how it was, but as this is different I'm sort of adapting as I go along with it. Yeah, not 'cause I wasn't expecting to come back and be in lectures all the time, but I quite personally I know some people have been struggling, but for me and my mental health I really enjoy hybrid learning. 'cause if I am having a bad day I don't need to worry about catching up or go into onto electric as it is. 

00:09:28 Speaker 4 

All their online yeah which is something I hope. After pandemic that University will continue to provide for students. 

00:09:37 Speaker 2 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:09:39 Speaker 2 

But it's a big support then purchase, yeah? 

00:09:43 Speaker 2 

Very much encourage ING of the University, making sure panopto's there for various reasons. 

00:09:51 Speaker 2 

We do indeed. 

00:09:53 Speaker 6 

Also, can we talk about the fact that I don't know if it's the same in your course? I mean he's saying we have many modules in common, but yeah, I do feel like the lectures pre recorded once they are way shorter and the fact that they're split and like. 

00:10:08 Speaker 6 

20 minute sections. To me it's so much easier for sometimes I just see three hours one after the other and I'm just like I'm not going to that. I can't do it like my obviously me being neurodiverse it's it's a lot of effort, isn't it? And then just seeing a 20 minute recording? You're like, wow. 

00:10:25 Speaker 5 

It can get quite overwhelming. 

00:10:28 Speaker 5 

Having like lecture after lecture after lecture, I usually have like a three hour limit and then I just go back home and then I emailed a lecture. Being like this is what happened. Can you just let me know what's like having that lecture pre kovid now with covid I only come to you know like 3 hours a week and everything is online and my performance has never been this. 

00:10:48 Speaker 5 

Good, I feel like and quite a lot of people do have like they share the same thought because they do it in their own pace rather than going to lectures. That's two hours. If you've not gotten it then that's your fault. Yeah, well, now you can catch up virtually anywhere which I love. 

00:11:05 Speaker 6 


00:11:05 Speaker 2 

Yeah, which it which is really good and I completely agree. 

00:11:09 Speaker 2 

To see as much as I'm not a student now in terms of learning right, the the idea of when I used to go to three hour lectures and you would really be there like our one goes by, you know, like oh, that was quick then I would do you like wait, wait, what? It's not the first. 

00:11:22 Speaker 4 

Time that you lose concentration but now efficient, yeah, you now have a lecture which you can pause if you can't continue and go back to it later. 

00:11:29 Speaker 2 

Yeah, and the bite size information as you're sort of saying, 20 minute breakdowns and that like. For instance, for me like this is somewhat somewhat relevant, but also relevant is whenever I'm on. Like You Tube, you know, just relaxing and I see a video that's over 10 minutes. Yeah, it's not gonna give. I mean is is. It's a pass, but when they are like nice and short and I'll see if elections brought down to 20 minutes here like. 

00:11:50 Speaker 2 

Oh, that's quite easy to meet for me to fit in like 1 before I go like walk into union, yeah? 

00:11:55 Speaker 5 

No, literally, and even like on the bus you can watch like a 10 minute or 5 minute video, whatever it is, which I've done sometimes like I'll be like on the train or whatever and I'll just watch it. And like you couldn't do that before because you know, kind of people opposed. 

00:12:11 Speaker 5 

In October, I feel like quite of students are actually benefiting from it, and especially the people with like either neurodiversity difficulties or like a mental health issues. So I think it should hopefully will still be the same. 

00:12:23 Speaker 4 

It's good that we will had really positive experiences with some people are really struggling with it. Yeah, they don't have to self motivate yourself to actually sit down and do these lunch. 

00:12:34 Speaker 6 

Yeah, as much as I love the whole breaking it down, I think it has negatively impacted my performance. I feel like. 

00:12:42 Speaker 6 

I'm unlucky as well 'cause I have the most amazing flatmates and people will be like why are you complaining well? 

00:12:48 Speaker 6 

'cause you're always. It's like living with people. You always have fun with. Then it's hard to sit down and study when you're like in the kitchen. There's someone teaching five other people how to cook. It's just it's like kind of living in fear of missing out. But then. 

00:13:04 Speaker 6 

I'm a final year. I need to study. 

00:13:07 Speaker 6 

If I were able to go to lectures, I think it would. 

00:13:11 Speaker 6 

Not to make me more of like. 

00:13:12 Speaker 6 

Actually, you know. 

00:13:14 Speaker 6 

Once you're in the lecture, you have no choice but to listen. I mean you can get distracted. You say you caught me getting distracted during one. 

00:13:21 Speaker 5 

Hour, yeah, she was playing among us in a in in a seminar and I was stuck behind her and I had to zoom in and I was like excuse me, this is not happening. 

00:13:33 Speaker 2 

What what what a fantastic role model. 

00:13:38 Speaker 2 

That executive member. 

00:13:40 Speaker 6 

Honest and I feel like. 

00:13:43 Speaker 5 

To be honest, it was the first seminar, so quite like introductory, wasn't like. 

00:13:46 Speaker 6 

Anything and I was very confused as to why I so basically it wasn't very obviously with this new sorry learn. 

00:13:53 Speaker 6 

Design in the uh. 

00:13:54 Speaker 5 

Oh yeah, can we actually talk about can? 

00:13:56 Speaker 6 

We talk about that this new storyline design. I don't know what anyone else I know. Some people prefer it. I personally struggle with it. I see my I. I see my course folder and it says 55 unopened course materials and I click every possible tab and every possible link. 

00:14:14 Speaker 6 

It's still 5555 unviewed course materials and you and I were having a talk. We went to our first business seminar and I was like, have you done the task and you were like what task? And I was like. Well I just found out through sorry then apparently we had to do this. Where was this written and we started kind of stressing out and everyone was prepared. 

00:14:36 Speaker 5 

Yeah, I mean to be fair, that week I didn't go into uni but the also relearn comparing it to the new one. The old one used to have a little notification. 

00:14:47 Speaker 5 

Next to every single thing that was left unopened, yeah, but now it doesn't show you that. It just shows you on the home page another percentage one. Yeah where it's like 55 out of 70 like things that you've opened, it just tells you there rather than actually in the new one like it just shows you the percentage but the old one showed you. 

00:15:07 Speaker 5 

Exactly where you've got unopened, so then you can go back to it, which helps you actually even more. 

00:15:13 Speaker 5 

Yeah, but then you want. I mean, I don't know, I mean. 

00:15:16 Speaker 6 

Yeah, then it's it. Does look more organized. 

00:15:19 Speaker 5 

Yeah, I like the design and the colors of it. I just don't like that one feature where it's like you don't know what you've unopened. I've done the same thing like for employment law 'cause we have a lot of reading to do for that module. I let you go back and open every single link just to check that. I've read pretty much everything. 

00:15:37 Speaker 5 

And I'm still not right like 25th, so I'm like, well I can't find it so. 

00:15:40 Speaker 6 

Just leave it so I'll just fail and again. 

00:15:43 Speaker 2 

No fail, but I'll just leave it. 

00:15:46 Speaker 2 

And again though, but that's sort of like pressure of all those things being available there can. I don't like this? Encourage students. It's very much like great, so I bring that up and obviously highlight that completely agree together. But as we're coming towards the end of the the podcast now just gonna go and ask you all one final thing of what one thing would you like to do this year? 

00:16:06 Speaker 5 

I really want them you tracking up like the feature and the my story up to be a thing 'cause from the get go quite a lot of people have told me that it might be difficult or because of like technical issues it might take like a year or so, but I. 

00:16:20 Speaker 5 

I don't want it to take a year or so like I do want it to be as. 

00:16:25 Speaker 5 

Fast as possible, but executed reading well as well, so it's kind of like those two things like oh, I wanna do it really quick, but I want it to be nice and perfect. But yeah, that's really one thing that I'm pushing for this year. 

00:16:39 Speaker 4 

I think positive things. I think the things I really wanna do is share is to do some more sort of raising awareness videos. So I really want to do one on some and health difficulties that aren't always talked about in SoC. Things such as boredom, personality, disorder, bipolar and also I want to do one for. 

00:16:59 Speaker 4 

Eating disorders, which will be sort of end of February beginning of March next year. So if anyone wants to share those experiences, please like email us and zone at USU dot support zone. 

00:17:11 Speaker 4 

Dot wait USAUSU dot support zone. 

00:17:16 Speaker 4 

Sorry, I see. 

00:17:17 Speaker 1 

Sorry, don't I see. 

00:17:20 Speaker 4 

For heart. 

00:17:21 Speaker 2 

Is this you got two points that. 

00:17:23 Speaker 2 

And actually, what would you? What would you like to do this year? 

00:17:26 Speaker 6 

Well, the good thing is my manifesto points are all in common with someone else, so. 

00:17:31 Speaker 6 

I'd really like to work with the other zonies. 

00:17:34 Speaker 6 

Obviously, I do really want to work on the whole raising or innocence abilities, I think. 

00:17:39 Speaker 6 

That matters little to me because I'm disabled from this year. I've learned many things 'cause I live in a very diverse slap. An I've noticed that there's many things that I do want to work on that isn't particularly on my manifesto. I do mention a brief you want to talk about liberation reps, but. 

00:17:57 Speaker 6 

I really, really do wanna work on inclusion of minorities even more than I thought. I really want everyone to feel safe and I'm sorry and just be able to lift the rest student life. 

00:18:11 Speaker 2 

Amazing stuff, well thank you all for coming. Thank you all for listening. That is it for us this week. Hope you're all doing well and. 

00:18:19 Speaker 2 

Stay safe everyone. 

00:18:23 Speaker 1 

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