Surrey SabbCast

Lockdown 2 Special Edition

November 04, 2020 University of Surrey Students' Union
Surrey SabbCast
Lockdown 2 Special Edition
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Team Surrey Chair, Diana Dakik talks to Silver Command Chair Deborah Lawson, and Chief Student Officer Lucy Evans on the implications of the recently announced lockdown period on the University.

  • What exactly does it mean for the University to be "open"?
  • What is the process for EC's?
  • What campus facilities will remain open?
  • Can Clubs and Societies still operate?
  • Are students allowed to go home for the month?
  • What happens to researchers?

Stay informed with the dedicated COVID pages on the Surrey website, or email the Students Union if you need advice

What will be different on campus?
Will self certified EC's be available?
Will the Nest remain open?
Will there be additional support for wellbeing?
Are students allowed to go home?
Can international students go home?
Can Clubs & Societies continue?
What impact will there be on research students?